Gold TIp Velocity XT Bare Shaft (Single)

Gold TIp Velocity XT Bare Shaft (Single)


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Available Options:
6 - Wrap & Cresting Length:
4 - Optional Nocks:
1 - Arrow Spine:
31 - Spine Match:
R - Optional Glue In Points:
Enter The Brand & Weight
26 - Optional Inserts:
2 - Optional Bushings:
24 - Cutting Directions:
5 - Wraps & Cresting:
30 - Install Components:
3 - Standard Nocks:
32 - Weight Match:
28 - Points:
22 - Arrow Length:
25 - Standard Inserts:


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We offer an extensive list of options to help you choose the exact set of Bare Shafts or Custom Arrows that will fit your needs. If you arent clear about any of the options listed below feel free to contact us @ 813-545-0754 or you can email us @

All Custom Arrows and Bare Shafts Are:

  • Tested to identify the stiff side and indexed
  • Custom arrows and shafts are cut and squared on both ends
  • Each of your arrows are fletched on a single Firenock fletching jig
  • We use proprietary adhesives for components and vanes
  • All Inserts are squared after installation per customer request!
  • Fletching and components stay put or we fix them no questions asked
  • Call the shop if you need expedited shipping (Limited Availability)
  • Note: If you are buying bare shafts and would like the inserts installed and squared please add a note at check out. If you do not request us to install inserts they will be left loose


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