Universal Arrow Nock Bushings 1 Dz

Universal Arrow Nock Bushings 1 Dz


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Model:  UNIBUS1


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These are universal nock bushings were originally designed for target archers using Gold Tip Series 22 Target arrows to allow quick in the field changing of a damaged G size nock bushing.

However this bushing will allow the use of other nocks such as Ravin standard or Ravin lighted nocks to be installed in any .300 ID crossbow arrow.


  • Our Universal Nock-Bushing will fit any arrow shaft with a .300 ID and must be glued in place
  • Accepts any Nock Or Bushing with a +/- .2550 I.D. and requires a +/- .330 O.D
  • Originally designed to fit Gold Tip Series 22 type shafts
  • Will accept Easton A/C/C 3-71 G Nock Bushings to allow the Use of an Easton G Nock
  • Package of 12 bushings


NOTICE: As with any aftermarket product you should always refer to the manufactures owners manual for the arrows and bows you intend to use these bushings with to make sure you do not void your bows warranty

Disclaimer: Ravin Crossbow nocks will fit this bushing but If you choose to use them as an alternative component you will void your warranty. You agree to take full responsibility for the loss of your Ravin Factory Warranty, damage to your bow or personal injury


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